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"Market Dust Memories" - Rialto (Rialto Fish Market) (Campo S. Silvestro) and Campo Sant 'Agnese, hours 8:30 to 20:00 
communication and resolution of the City Council 
issues in general are three, the second weekend of March, the first weekend of October, and the last days of November, antiques, clothes, Exhibitors Association 
"Market of Miracles," Campo Santa Maria Nova and the surrounding area - all day 
dates shall be communicated annually by the city of Venice. 
and are typically about ten days, distributed between March, April, May, September, October and December, antiques and used. 
"Flea Market" Robe Mar "Via Garibaldi" - usually in the month of October to coincide with the Venice Marathon, hobbies and used items. 
Terminal 103, Venice Passenger Port Maritime third Saturday and Sunday of the month from November to June, except July and August trade show Collecting Venice Cultural Association Collectingames



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