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Campo San Samuele 3231 
Boat stop San Samuele Boat Line 2 ACTV 
30/08/2012 - 13/01/2013 
from 10am to 7pm Tickets € 15.00 / € 20.00*; concessions: € 10.00 / € 15.00* 


The exhibition " The illusion of light" aims to explore the physical values ​​, aesthetic, symbolic, philosophical , political, linked to one of the essential realities of human experience, the light, which since the Renaissance (at least) also constitutes a fundamental dimension art .
Light as light, capable of turning the invisible into the visible . Dazzling light that , at the time of its maximum intensity , undo the sense of sight . Revealing light that leads us beyond what we see ... Divided between these extremes , the show depicts , through the work of eighteen artists from the sixties to today , the deep ambivalence of light, its extraordinary richness of meanings and values ​​. The visitor is invited to take a journey of discovery , entering in the multitude of synonyms of the word " light " turn on , analyze , animate, shine , clarify, decode , demystify , disclose, educate, elucidate , inflame , enrich, explain , educate, inform, flaming , guide , illuminate , radiate, show , shine , sparkle, cheer , arouse ...
The exhibition does not aim to give an exhaustive answer of course to the multitude of questions raised by contemporary artists on meanings and multiple roles of light. Rather invites the visitor to invent , in full freedom , their own personal path between the polar opposites of black and white , day and night, reality and illusion , in the light of his intelligence and sensitivity.
The exhibition is curated by Caroline Bourgeois.
The artists in the exhibition are : Eija -Lisa Ahtila , Troy Brauntuch , Marcel Broodthaers , David Claerbout , Bruce Conner, Latifa Echakhch , Dan Flavin, Vydya Gastaldon , General Idea , Gilbert & George , Robert Irwin, Bertrand Lavier , Julio Le Parc, Antoni Muntadas , Philippe Parreno , Sturtevant, Claire Tabouret , Danh Vo , Doug Wheeler and Robert Whitman.



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