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Museum of Natural History
from 1 June to 31 October
10-18 ( Ticket 10-17 )
from 1 November to 31 May
Tuesday to Friday 9-17 ( Ticket 9-16 )
Saturday and Sunday 10-18 ( Ticket 10-17 )
Closed Monday, December 25 , January 1 and May 1
Museum of Natural History
The palace said Fondaco dei Turchi, home of the Museum , was built by Giacomo Palmieri , founder of the noble family of Pesaro , in the first half of the thirteenth century.
An important chapter in its history began in 1621 , when the Republic destined him to Turkish merchants such as commercial offices , who held it until 1838. It was , inter alia, for a clear separation between the inside Turks Europeans ( Bosnians and Albanians ) on the one hand , and the Turks of Constantinople and Asia ( Persian and Armenian ) on the other . The Turkish merchants in Venice especially imported wax , oil, raw wool and leather, which was added since 1700 also the tobacco goods were sold or exchanged with other products .
The palace was first home to the Museo Correr Civic , opened here in 1880 and later transferred to the historical and artistic collections in Piazza San Marco. When the Fondaco dei Turchi was free , Mr. Silvio Giorgio Coen suggested leaving to establishing the Natural History Museum that would bring together the various existing scientific collections in Venice, and in particular those of the Museo Civico Correr , Veneto Institute of Sciences , Arts and Letters , the private collection of Count Alessandro Pericle Ninni , and other minor changes . Since 1923 the building was then home to the Museum of Natural History in Venice.
Inside the museum you can choose from the following collections and exhibitions :
Earth Sciences
other collections
Laboratory of biological preparations
recent restoration
Gallery of cetaceans
On the trail of life
Strategies of life
Collecting to astonish , gather to study
Aquarium of the Tegnùe
the tegnùe
Facilities and Maintenance
teaching aids
plan Laguna



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