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Irving Penn, Resonance


Irving Penn, Resonance
The exhibition, curated by Pierre Apraxine and Matthieu Humery , presents the second floor of Palazzo Grassi 130 photographs from the late 40s until the mid -80s, and will be open to the public until 31 December 2014. Exposure meets 83 platinum prints , 29 prints in silver, 5 dye- transfer prints in bright colors and 17 internegatives never been exhibited before.
The exhibition traces the major themes dear to Irving Penn , beyond the diversity of subjects, have in common the ability to capture the ephemeral in all its facets. One example is the selection of photographs from the series of "small trades" , made in France, the United States and in England in the 50s. Similarly, the portraits of the major players in the world of painting, film and literature produced from 1950 to 1970 displayed alongside ethnographic photographs of the inhabitants of the Republic of Dahomey , the aborigines of New Guinea and men in Morocco , emphasize strongly the brevity of existence by human beings , be they rich or poor, famous or unknown .
Within this process , which promotes dialogue and connections between the works of different periods and different subjects, still life plays a major role : on display are collected photographs taken by the late 70s at the beginning of 80s presenting compositions of cigarette butts , fruit baskets , vanitas as well as skulls of animals photographed at the Natural History Museum in Prague in 1986 for the series " Cranium Architecture" .
This large landscape, in which very little known images alongside iconic pieces of his work, provides clear evidence of the ability to synthesize particular that strongly characterizes the work of Irving Penn : in his view , modernity is not necessarily opposed to the past, and the absolute control of every phase of photography, from the studio to the press ( which devotes an unparalleled importance and attention ) allows you to go very close to the truth of things and beings , in a continuous questioning the meaning of time and that of life and its fragility.



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