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THE CHURCHES OF CHORUS | Chorus Venice Churches association

The initiative offers an unusual wide-ranging museum to the visitors of the lagoon town: the city churches, places of worship but also important art treasure containers. 
One thousand years of history and faith speak out through their walls, the paintings, the sculptures, the gold and precious textiles. 
Chorus Venice Churches Association contributes to the conservation and enhancement of this immense heritage and favours its acquaintance through a museum circuit linking sixteen amongst the greatest examples of religious architecture in Venice. 
The member churches within this museum circuit and which may be visited with a specific € 10.00 (Chorus Pass) ticket are: 
St. Mary of the Lily, St. Stephen, St. Mary Formosa, St. Mary of the Miracles, St. John the Merciful, St. Paul, St. James dall'Orio, St. Eustace, St. Aloysius, Madonna of the Orchard, St. Peter of Castello, Very St. Redeemer, St. Mary of the Rosary (The Gesuati), St. Sebastian, St. Job. 

Price € 10,00 (Chorus Pass) 
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