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In the winter months, when the city lives the atmosphere of its most antique traditions, our hotels offer accommodations at the most favourable rates. In winter for Music and Theatre Lovers the Lyrical Season starts satisfying the most pretentious tastes.

The 21st of November is one of the characteristic and popular holidays. In this day, dedicated to the Madonna della Salute, (St.Mary of Health), you can live with the Venetians the holy festivity and taste in our "Da Raffaele", the typical day speciality "la castradina".

On the 6th January along the Gran Canal takes place the Regata delle Befane (regatta of the old fairy) and then the Carnivalbegins apparently having chosen our city as the ideal frame for its pictoresque expressions and events.

In May thousands of participants join the non competitives events such as the regatta "La Vogalonga" and the walk all around the city called "Su e zo per i ponti". At only 15 minutes by vaporetto from St.Mark's Square you have the famous beach of the Lido where, in September, is held the International Film Festival and where you can profit of all sports and leisure activities such as golf, tennis, horse-riding, bycicles, skating , etc.
Also from mid-July to mid-August our hotels offer favourable rates. In the summer not to miss is the feast of the "Redentore" (The Redeemer - third week-end of July) when the pyrotechnical fire-works will end a really magical evening. On the first Sunday of September the "Regata Storica" is performed and on the last week-end of October the "Venice Marathon"


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Why direct booking?

-We guarantees that all guests who book trough our website receive the best rate available on the Web

-Your only contact will be the Pensione Accademia, much more easier to arrange amendment and/or cancellation

-In case of any special request and/or information you will stay in touch directly with us

- 10% disciunt at our restaurant "da Raffaele" and "Tarnowska American Bar" (both near Piazza San Marco)

- When booking You will discover all ours additional services

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