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Salmaso Family

Raffaele and Giuseppe Salmaso came to Venice together in 1951. Separated from their families those were hard years of sacrifice for them that would become the foundation of a tradition preserved even today.

A few years later they were joined by their wives, Tosca and Savina. Together they transformed the small "locale" of "ombra and cicchetti" (wine bar with traditional Venetian snacks) into the renowned "Ristorante da Raffaele" known by Venetians and tourists alike. Thus Venice became their adopted city.
The passion they shared for welcoming guests into a place that had high quality in their personnel as well as in the food and drink they served was passed on to their children: Renato, Giovanna, Stefania and Andrea. Today all of them run their own hotels. The "Hotel Ala" is centrally located, and the "Pensione Accademia" has fascinating and suggestive surroundings.

The Pensione Accademia, originally a family residence, became the Russian Embassy between World Wars I and II. In 1950 it became a hotel. 
Over time the Salmaso family perceived the artistic and historical value of the palazzo and decided to make it known as one of the most charming hotels in Venice. Within the hotel there are elegant and refined furnishings, rich with pieces of high artistic value. An example is the two columns in the breakfast room, once situated in the "Loggetta" of the Campanile of San Marco, which were sold at auction after the tower collapsed at the beginning of the 900s.With the contribution of their style and mastery, the Salmaso family has made the Pensione Accademia a true jewel of Venice. 

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